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Hello everyone -

Today's post is all about my winter beauty favourites. They are a collection of some new bits that I have recently bought with some old classics I love to use all year round, but generally just beauty products I feel are must haves for this time of year. Enjoy - 

I have never in my life used a lip pencil. However, I have learnt through other beauty bloggers that when it comes to lip perfection it really is needed to create fuller lips. I chose a nude colour as I recently bought a nude lipstick (see below) I think this nude colour is really on trend right now and so I thought I'd try experimenting with different lip shades.

This product isn't just a winter favourite for me, it's an all year favourite. This has got to be one of the best concealers on the market at the moment. People love it because it has great coverage on blemishes as well as being a great tool for strobing.

A little tip I've picked up from watching online bloggers is lining the water line with a white eyeliner to make the eyes look wider. I am yet to try this look out but we shall see!

As I said earlier, I have recently been trying out a nude matte lip colour. Accompanied with the lip pencil this lipstick creates a perfect natural lip colour that I can't wait to wear!

This product is something I repeatedly buy all year round because it's simply great. It is defiantly one of the best mascaras I have used in years. The brush shapes well to the lashes and the pigmentation of the product gives an amazing wide eye effect.

This is a new product I was recently given as a gift. I have wanted this product for ages as friends and bloggers have raved about it's the amazing dewy effect. I've has it for a few weeks now and I love it!

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  1. This product look amazing!
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