Homeware Haul | Autumn Bedroom Accessories

Hello everyone, recently I've been buying lots of bits and bobs for my bedroom. I've had a massive clear out and wanted to make my room look more minimal. So the bits and bobs I've bought are really simple, but cute and decorative at the same time. I love having my bedroom clean, tidy and organised and am really happy with it now. So here's some of the bits I'm loving at the moment! 

Large Vase & Pink and White Peonies: from TK Maxx
'I love you' sign: from charity shop
Fashion print and frame: from Ikea 
'I solemnly swear I'm up to no good' card: from Paperchase 
Alexander McQueen Card: from the V&A Museum 
'Born to Shop' block: from an unknown boutique 
Alexander McQueen Shull Card: from the V&A Museum 
White Frame: from Poundland 
'Love Potion' bottle: from Charity Shop 
Harry Potter Wooden Box: from Cambridge Boutique 

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