Acrylic Nails | Process & Review

Hello everyone!

So recently I've had time off acrylic nails and have chosen to go for normal manicures and pedicures to improve the strength of my nails. However, recently I decided to go back to a long nail with acrylic. I love having long nails, and acrylic nails is a nice, easy and fast way to get long nails in an hour.

Of course, there are some down sides to having acrylic nails. For example, when they eventually are taken off (whenever you choose to do this) your natural nails feel very weak. However, I have found that a week or two of a strengthening nail polish can recover this feeling really quickly.

As well as this, the nails need to be re-done every 2-3 weeks. Because the nail is covered with acrylic, as your natural nails grow underneath, you get a gap at the bottom of the acrylic nail. When this happens you can have something called 'in fills' which includes the nail technicians filling the gap that has been created from natural growth of the nail.

However, saying this, I still go back to this style every time. I think that if the nails are done well and with a good colour polish nothing can beat them. They look great and it means you don't have to do it yourself! (I love that part)

So I thought for those who do not know about the process of acrylic nails or who are looking to have them done, I would talk you through the process so you know what to expect. The images above show some of the process, however, I couldn't capture every moment.

1) The technicians start by filing your natural nails, pushing your cuticles back and cleaning the area up

2) They then attach the plastic extensions to the tip of the nail using a nail glue (they're very long at this point!)

3) Next, they ask you what shape you want. I chose square nails to begin with but changed my mind half way through to round as I wanted a more natural nail. They then cut the plastic down and shape.

4) Next, they use a brush to combine acrylic powder and some sort of liquid (no idea what it is) which creates a gel like substance. This is then brushed on top of the entire nail.

5) Once this has dried they continue to shape and buff the nail until it is ready for polish

6) I chose a neutral OPI polish with a brown/ cream tone as I like to keep my nail colours nude. A few coats of polish and top coat and you're all done!

The process normal takes about and hour to be completed. I had this set done in Cambridge at Kimono if any of you are local. I would really recommend the salon.

Please let me know if any of you have acrylic nails and what you think!
Thanks for reading guys!

Alice x

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  1. Wow your nails look lovely, I'v never tried acrylics but I might be persuaded now haha!

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