Kim Kardashian. Heard of her? Yeah I thought you might have.

In my opinion, Kim is the living version of marmite. You either love her or you hate her. And it's for the same reasons. People either hate her because of her controversy, or love her because of it. She never stops supplying us with something to talk about. And god knows she's keeping trashy weekly gossip magazines afloat with sales. 

 After that infamous Paper magazine spread where she left very little to the imagination, the public thought they'd seen everything that there was to see of Mrs Kardashian West. But no, how very wrong they were. 

Here she is, in the latest issue of Love magazine. Butt naked. And (prepare for a controversial opinion) I love it. I can't help but admire her confidence, her carelessness and her fucking great body. 

We've all seen what a naked woman looks like. There's boobs, bum and vagina. But with all the controversy created through this magazine spread, you would think the world had never seen a naked woman before. I have to raise the question: If this were a man- would it be as shocking? The answer is no. The simple fact that she is one of the most famous people to walk the planet after Elizabeth Taylor has to be a factor which has lead to the mass amount of tweets, articles and memes being made since the release of the issue. 

Don't get me wrong, I see where the shock factor is coming from. After all, it's not everyday we see someone this famous wearing nothing but a fur coat and black stilettos. But at the end of the day, no matter how famous she is, she's still a woman, and she's got the same bits as half of the world. And if she chooses to get it all out for Love magazine, good on her. 

It might be a very unpopular opinion, but I can't help but look at the shoot through my clouded artistic eyes and simply see a tasteful fashion shoot starring a confident, curvy and proud woman. 

And for the people who find the shoot offence, distasteful, or anything along these lines, I can offer you a simple solution: don't buy the magazine.

Images taken from LOVE magazine. 


  1. Kim Kardashian just had the power to do things like this and it deemed okay. She looks fab, but personally I think the full nude one is a little bit too much for the world, I wouldn't want 5678567846548 people seeing everything I have! I totally agree with your post though, was a good read!!

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