Moving from room to room for three years at University, I've found myself having to make a cold and damp student room my own over and over again. A bedroom is not my bedroom without images of photo-shoots taken from the latest issues of Vogue stuck on the wall. There's something about them that makes me feel comfortable and together. Other things that make me feel comfortable and together (by the way): well shaped brows, moisturised skin and perfectly painted nails.

My bedroom is where my days start and end. And sometimes, on days off, where I hibernate and hide from the messy outside world. And so I live off being surrounded by a good environment. Don't get me wrong, I can be the biggest slob, like any girl (although a lot of them don't like to admit it.) I, on the other hand, can admit it and when University work and work work and just life gets too busy, my room can become a bomb site of clothes, make up, old face wipes and loose essays.

However, I never feel better than I do when my room is tidy, all my things are in the correct places and I've got fresh bed sheets on. And that is exactly where I find myself on this very cold Saturday evening. I'm looking around my spotless bedroom, with my clothes lined up perfectly, and my fresh linen candles burning. I can't help but think: yay to me and my bedroom.

I wonder if any of you feel the same way, or if I'm just a short crazy 20 year old who's been single for a little too long. Having conferred with friends, it seems I am not alone. (Unless they're as mad and as single as I am.)

To me, good environment= good mood.

So for you ladies who have read this and relate to me, I've put together some great bedroom pieces that will make you feel good about your environment, and hopefully, good about everything else. All these pieces have been taken from John Lewis because, hey, they're home stuff is the shit.

Although white bed sheets are classic and gorgeous, they don't fit well with my University 'eat dinner and paint my nails in bed' lifestyle. And so when it comes to covering up stain which just won't budge, a throw is the perfect way to do this. And why not go with faux fur for a little luxury in your surroundings. 

These beautiful black and white fashion images are just beautiful and add class and sophistication to any bedroom.

This shabby-chic draw chest is very much in in the interior world. In fact, anything shabby chic is. This beautiful set is adorable and has a lot of storage space for all that make up and products we own. 

Throw cushions are a must. And I think it's important to add colour through the cushions. This yellow is normally not my style but it would brighten up a room.

Old fashion clocks, oh you're beautiful. I don't own one, but I think after writing this blog post I will have to invest in one. If you're going to check the time, make sure it's using this old school clock.

Fresh flowers are beautiful. But let's be honest, we don't always have time for that shit. And this beautiful single rose is classic and looks very much like we have time to buy and upkeep fresh flowers.

I have lost too much nice jewellery through being scatty and disorganised, and so it is very important to make sure you're keeping it all together. This gorgeous jewellery box brings together everything I love; organisation and monochrome.

Nothing makes you feel calm and ready for life than a gorgeous smelling room. Diffusers are the perfect way to keep a room feeling fresh and inviting. 

Bin's are not the most attractive thing. But we all need them. And if you're going to have one, have a nice one. 

I am obsessed with candles. They're could not be enough of them in my room, and I look forward to my evenings watching sex and the city with the gorgeous smell of burning candles around me. And when it comes to candles, treat yourself to the Queen of the candles. Jo Malone herself. 

There are so many beautiful lamps around, but I just love the silver chrome on this one. And if there is anything I've learnt about relaxing; it's that soft lighting is a must. 

All images taken from John Lewis' website

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