My face routine: January Edition

Hello everyone!

My last post was all about the products I use on a daily basis in my hair. I decided to do the same with my daily facial routine.

I have been maintaining a skin routine since I was a young teenager as my Mum always taught me to look after my skin! So I am always anal about the way I look after my skin, and I like to take some time to make sure I am cleansing, toning and moisturising my skin well and with good products. I tend to try different products every now and again depending on what people have suggested. At the moment, this is my daily skin routine.

These are all the products I use. I do this routine every morning when I wake up and in the evening when I go to bed. As you can see, they are not all made by the same company. Although I think having face products which are all from the same company can work well, I like to use different products as I think they're all better at doing different things. 

I start by cleansing my face, which means cleaning it from all dirt. For this I use Botanics by Boots cleanser called the Botanics Ultra Calm Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution at only £3.29. Botanics has a range of great products at great prices, however, this cleanser is my favourite. It is a very light and fresh product and just makes my skin feel so clean. To cleanse the face I use just some simple cotton pads. 

The next step is to tone my face. For this I use an amazing product by the Body Shop. The Tea Tree Facial Toner at £5.00 at the Body Shop contains an ingredient which works like magic on my skin. For me, tea tree has always kept my skin clear and blemish free, so I always stray to products which contain this. Again, I apply this toner all over my face, focusing on my problem areas such as my chin, nose area and forehead. 

Next, I apply some more tea tree (told you I loved it!) This is also a Body Shop product called Tea Tree Lotion at only £3.00 is a light lotion which I like to use on my face to keep my skin clear. 

Finally, I moisturise my face using this light weight beauty balm by Champneys. The Illuminating Beauty Balm is £13.00. It moisturises the skin beautifully, with a lovely scent and a light and airy feel. 

If you use any of these products or want some more information please comment away!
Thank you 

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  1. I've used the body shop tea tree set, it is lovely and refreshing! x