My daily hair routine by VO5

Now, I am a strong believer in hair products. Even if it's just a heat protector, it's going to do the world of good. As well as that, my hair is pretty pathetic on it's own. It needs help to be suitable for human eyes. I also believe that when using hair styling products, it's good to use the same brand throughout. I feel like they're all working together to make the same thing happen. Which is literally making my hair look less shit.

At the moment I am using a collection of VO5 products. First of all, the VO5 products smell amazing and I can never say no to a good smelling product.

First up is this amazing hairspray. Now being a student, I've been through my bad share of hairsprays (including a pound land one) But then I discovered this 'ultimate hold' by VO5. It works like a charm and it's only £3.29 from Boots. 

I like to use the 'plump it up' products a lot because my hair is as flat as a pancake. I find that this product gives me a bit of 'ommmfff' to my hair compared to when I just dry it separately. It's a lightweight mousse that you run through your damp hair and then blow dry in. This product is really great because it doesn't cling to your scalp and make your hair heavy with product, it leaves it loose and bouncy. This one is also a great price at only £4.19 from Boots. 

Now this one is a new buy. To gain volume in my hair I always go for a little backcombing. However, as I've been told (multiple times) it's not good for your hair as it dries it out and splits the ends. A friend recommended a dry backcombing spray to me instead of ripping my hair to pieces. This VO5 Dry Backcombing Spray is a heaven send. I carry it in my handbag as it's a small product which means I can refresh my hair throughout the day. This one is also only £4.19 from Boots. 

I am in two minds about this product. On the one hand, it is slightly magic. You shake the loose powder into the roots of your hair and give it a little 'jjoooojj.' It immediately creates a volume and shoe to your hair. On the other hand, it's one of those products you have to wash out the next day. You can't leave this product in your hair for a few days as it weighs it down and creates grease and oil. However, for short term use it's brilliant. 'Give me texture' is £4.19 at Boots.

You can't go wrong with a heat protecter. If I don't use one I feel like I am carrying out some sort of hair sin. Which I would be. I'm a big hair dryer/ straightners / curlers girl- so I need to protect my hair from heat. As far as I know this one is working well and smells incredible. Get the 'heat protect' by VO5 for £4.19 at Boots.

So that's my hair routine products. Let me know what you think of them (if you have any of them) or if you have any great products you use. I'm always excited to try new ones. Especially for thin hair. Please. 

Lots of love as normal



  1. I haven't tried this products yet, but sound really good....xx

  2. Yeah they're great. Boots normally do great '3 for 2' deals as well.
    Thanks for the comment.