July Favourites

Hello everyone. So this month I got a lovely big tax rebait and so went a little crazy with my spending! However, we do have the official summer coming up and as someone who lives and dies in jumpers, hats and scarfs, my wardrobe was in need of a few summer essentials.

We are currently in sale season, which I either love or hate. This season, I'm hating. It isn't because the sale pieces aren't nice, it's just the full price pieces are nicer. High street store such as Topshop, H&M, and Zara have just bought in some brilliant new pieces in with great colours, shapes and patterns. So I found as I was shopping I was drawn to all these fabulous new pieces.

So here is my July Haul favourites (so far!)
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Lots of love.

First thing I was in dire need of was a new pair of sunglasses. Now, I'm used to just going to Priumark and picking up a 2.00 pound pair which would last me 2 days before snapping. This time, I decided to go for a slightly more expensive pair. I saw this pair in Topshop and fell in love. I love the cat eye shape the tortoise shell. These were only 16.00 pounds but still feel great quality. Oh, and they come with a free case!

This little buy was a very last minute purchase at the till in Zara. It's a tiny vile of Zara's Rose Petal perfume which smells beautiful. It's got a small roll at the top for a quick application. Smells amazing and was only 2.99

Now this bag has been on my wish list for a month now. And so when pay day came I went straight to Zara to get it. I think the colour and the hole pattern on the bag is so original and makes it look really designer. It was only 29.99 and never leaves my arm.

Another thing I was in desperate need for was a new pair of jeans. I know it's summer, but with English weather you can never be sure. These 38.00 pound Topshop jeans fit like a glove and are so soft. 

I am currently obsessed with the colour mint and when I saw these adorable pumps in Zara for only 19.99 I snatched them up so fast!

Another summer essential is a good pair of wedges. Now, Topshop's collection of wedges is to die for. They've got a great collection,  I picked these up and fell in love instantly. They're only 42.00 and come in brown as well as the black seen above. 

Now these were a bit of a flash (and expensive!) purchase, however, I searched high and low for these beautiful Air Max Nike Liberty Editions. They're pretty much sold out and so I had to go for it! The liberty print is so beautiful and these are literally the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned!


  1. OMG. The wedges and Nike sneakers are just to die for. I am in love, so pretty :))
    Nika's Beauty Land

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