PRIMARK: Bottoms 4.00  Top 4.00
I saw this bikini in Primark and loved the colours and the shape of it. I always seem to go for really plain and dark bikinis, so I thought this one would add some colour to my summer wardrobe. It was only 8.00 all together so I was chuffed at the price as well as the item itself. 

MATALAN   9.00
I got this AMAZING coat from a closing sale of my local Matalan. I've wanted a structured coat like this for a while but never found one that I really loved, so when I came across this bargain I was thrilled. I know it's too hot for the current weather, but I'm hoping it will last me a good year. 

F&F @ TESCOS   7.00
I've always been a bikini girl, but after putting on some weight and growing some very womanly curves I decided to grow up a little and get a couple of one-suits. The first one was this amazing monochrome swimsuit from F&F @ Tescos in the sale for only 7.00. The monochrome design is really slimming and so comfortable.

PRIMARK   6.00
Now, I wasn't sure if I was going to get on the jelly shoe hype again this summer but I found these really cute ones in Primark for only 6.00 and I thought I had to go for it! They look so sweet with cute lacy ankle socks. 

H&M   12.99
I've wanted a across-the-body bag for a while now for day trips and the summer months. And when I saw this one in H&M I just fell in love with it. Not only is it a great price but I just loved the worn leather look and the vintage feel to it. 

F&F @ TESCOS  4.00
This is the second swimsuit I got, which was only 4.00 in the F&F @ Tescos sale which I literally could not believe. Its a really simple but slimming swimsuit and I can't wait to crack it out this summer!

NEW LOOK   7.00
Another sale purchase! This was from the most recent New Look sale, and I love a cream jumper.

H&M   12.99
I got this dress from H&M recently, I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a caftan of some sort. But I wear it with a slip underneath as a dress because I like it that way. But it could also be doubled up as a kaftan as well. 

TOPSHOP   6.50
I've wanted this necklace for so long now, and couldn't find it anywhere online etc, but then I found it in a local Topshop store and I was so excited. I love Topshop jewellery, and this adds perfectly to my collection.

I love a white tee.

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  1. Got some great finds from Tesco, pretty nice swimsuits! That topshop necklace is also so cute