It may technically be Spring, but looking at the weather, the shops and the people, it might as well be summer. Holidays and lazy days in the sun may still be a couple of months away but there is no problem with be prepared. A perfect summer wardrobe has been thought out properly, and organised in a way to make sure you're rocking the right colours, prints and shapes. For me, Topshop is my place to go for the perfect summer wardrobe. With their 'girly' charm, and ice cream colours, the S/S collection is perfect for the summer months to come. I've put together a collection of Topshop's must have piece for the summer.

Heart Print PJ Set: £20.00 
With hot nights ahead, there is nothing worse than being all hot and bothered in thick PJ's. There thin PJ's are perfect for sleepovers and holiday nights to keep you decent and cool! The white and blue heart pattern are so cute and bound to make you feel like a kid again.

Stingray Angled Holdall: £40.00
Now I love a black or a brown handbag, but with the summer coming up it's important to brighten up your outfits. And what better way to do this than with the very on trend and gorgeous ice cream colours all over the high-street. This lilac handbag is perfect for day trips and evenings out and the colour just screams summer.

Loha Printed Platforms: £68.00
Where would a maxi dress be without a pair of killer platforms? These amazing Hawaiian print heels are just amazing. They're perfect for evenings whether you're hitting the town or out for dinner.

White Speckle Nails in 'Everybody get up': £6.00
Like I said before, ice cream colours are the hottest trend at the moment and is perfect for the up and coming summer months. Just adding this lilac colour onto your nails is a simple way to tie the trend into your outfits.

Lip Bullet in 'Bewitched': £8.00
I love bright and light colours in the summer, but adding a little goth into your outfits can create a gothic romantic feel to a look. Adding this dark purple lip to an outfit can really make the whole look really edgy.

Tiger Print Luca Sunglasses: £16.00
What would a summer wardrobe be without a pair of statement glasses? Now, I always put a lot of work into finding the right sunglasses for summer as there are so many out there. But I feel that Topshop offer the widest range. These tiger print sunglasses are so summery and I am in love with the strong structured frames.

Cut Out Hand Charm Necklace: £5.00
I love statement necklaces, but everyone needs a necklace that is simple and will go with everything. This charm necklace is perfect for the summer months. It'll go with a dress, a playsuit or even a tee and jeans.

Raspberry Gingham Frill Bikini: £30.00
This raspberry gingham bikini is perfect for a summer holiday by the pool or the beach. The top is so comfortable but still so flattering at the same time. What more would you want in a bikini?

Spyrograph Print Swimsuit: £36.00
I think it's important to have at least one one-piece swimsuit in your summer wardrobe. They're perfect for those 'I don't want to show my tummy' days, as well as being really sexy. There are so man different and interesting prints out there, but I just love this monochrome pattern!

Blue Ribbon Trim Ankle Sock: £3.50
A big trend all over the high street at the moment is jelly sandals with girly socks. The trend is perfect for the summer with it's girly but edgy feel to it. I love these little ribbon trimmed socks, the colour is perfect to match with your own jellies!

Crinkle Embroidered Smock Dress: £36.00 
This summer is all about boohoo chic. The smock dress is one of my favourite pieces at the moment, and this embroidered dress is just beautiful and light for the summer.

Suede Tassel Backpack: £65.00
Backpacks are all the rage at the moment, it's just about picking the right one! I think this black tassel bag is staying with the trend, but with a twist. The black suede makes the backpack more gothic-chic but is perfect for twisting an outfit around.

Triple Section Engraved Necklace: £12.50
Every summer wardrobe needs a statement necklace, and this neutral gold necklace is perfect to add some 'bling' to a summer outfit.

Floral Jacquard Bralet: £34.00
This summer is all about tropical prints and this green print is perfect teamed up with some high waisted Levis.

Mint Soft Pleat Shorts: £32.00
These shorts are perfect for a summer evening, the romantic pleats and ice cream colour rock all the trends for this summer in one item.

Nina Heeled Jelly Sandals: £26.00
Like I said before, jelly shoes are all the rage. Not that they weren't last year, but jelly shoes have propelled in the high street scene. I love the patent blue in these as well as the little heel to add some girly-ness.

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