Back to life.

Hello everyone,
I am back for the dead.Well, when it comes to blogging anyway. University has been hectic and I feel like I am being buried under paper. And then when I've finished some of that, I'm buried in more work. But what can you do really? It's University life, and if I'm paying £9,000 a year then I will at least pretend I am enjoying it. And of course I've been neglecting According to Alice, the thing that may make me rich and famous one day.

But no more, I promise.

Updating you all on my life I've been writing and editing my own magazine called Quirk with some great girls, and it's going brilliantly, can not wait to see the finished product, and it will be shared with you all as soon as it's finished!

I've also organised inter-railing with my boyfriend in June where I will be visiting Paris, Milan, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Venice, Florence and many more fabulous places that will make you all very jealous.

And that's it for now.



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