Best Fragrances on the Market for this January.

This new year calls for a new perfume, but if you are having some trouble deciding which fragrance, here are some of the best on the market!

1. Lola by Marc Jacobs/ £62.50
This beautiful fruity perfume is the last female perfume Marc Jacobs has released for a long time, so lets hope for a new one. Until then, this fragrance is top of my list.

2. Chance by Chanel/ £94.50
My Mum wore this smell last summer and it will always remind me of that. It's a lovely elegant smell and comes in that lovely Chanel bottle. 

3. Chloe by Chloe/ $70.00
With a very pretty packaging, this perfume draws fashionista's like us in. However, the fragrance is a really classy and smells delicious. 

4. Mist you Madly by Soap and Glory/ £6.50
The cheapest of the bunch, this is a little body mist I always carry around in my hand bag. I love the soap and glory smell, and when they released this little bottle, I had to get it. It's a really girly, flirthy smell and is greta the chuck in the bag for the day.

5. Femme by Hugo Boss/ £59.98
This was my first ever perfume I owned when I was about 15 and so will always be special to me. It's a beautiful lady like smell which suits a lot of ages.

6. Dahlia Noir by Givenchy/ £59.99
This fragrance is my sister's smell. It's a light, musky smell and is very popular at them moment.

7. Ghost/ £33.00
This is a classic perfume which a lot of people have, mainly because it's a lovely smell, but the price as well. However, I'd never say no to a bargain!

8. Daisy by Marc Jacobs/ £63.50
This is another very popular smell, however, because it's delicious. I think all Marc Jacobs' smells are brilliant and this one it's most famous fragrance.

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