T H E/ E M M Y S/ 2 0 1 3

The Emmy's hit us on the 22nd September along with some beautiful dresses, and some not so beautiful dresses. I've put together my personal 5 best dressed and 5 worst dressed. So let's see how they did.

//5   B E S T   D R E S S E D//

#1 Keirnan Shipka

DRESS/  Now, some people may disagree with me as this dress is a little out there, but in my opinion, this dress is stunning and stole the show at the Emmy's 2013. The dress is by Delpozo and just screams girly chic.

SHOES/  With a dress like this, a pair of Jimmy Choo nude strappy sandals are a brilliant accessory.

HAIR/  The classic up ponytail is a classy accompliment to this overall look.

MAKE UP/ Keirnan has an amazing glowing summer look and it works brilliantly with this young look.

#2 Zooey Deschanel

DRESS/  I am in love with this vintage looking J Mendel dress. The baby blue is amazing with her dark hair and the shape snugs in all the right places. Dress by Calvin Klein. 

SHOES/  Can't see them, but I'm sure they're beautiful.

HAIR/  The glossy curls are a simple and yet stunning look with that iconic full fringe. 

MAKE UP/ Rocking the 60's dark eyes like always, and wearing it well.

#3 Emily VanCamp

DRESS/  A very simplistic dress by J Mendel, but I think it's beautiful. So flattering and chic.

SHOES/  I can't see them (cry cry cry)

HAIR/  Simplistic up do- right on

MAKE UP/ Natural look on the make up front keeps in trend with the bright, young nude theme running through the look.

#4 Rose Byrne 

DRESS/ My god, I am in love with this dress. So simple and yet she looks like a knockout. And look at that stomach! So much jealousy. 

SHOES/  I can't see them either.

HAIR/  Classy down do with a soft curl, perfect.

MAKE UP/ Her eyes are looking amazing in this look, really brightened up, and the rest nude and simple.

#5 Marion Cotillard

DRESS/  Again, this one's a it of a out there dress, but like number 1, I love it. So different and looks amazing on Marion.

SHOES/  Simplistic Jimmy Choo shoes to keep all the focus on that dress.

HAIR/  Rocking the pixie crop, very classy and chic.

MAKE UP/ Marion Cotillard is so beautiful anyway she could show up bare faced and still knock everyone out! But a classic simple look on the make up is perfect for the look.

//5   WORST   D R E S S E D//

#1 Sarah Silverman

DRESS/  This $60 bargain dress should have stayed in a 15 year olds wardrobe in my opinion. The whole thing is very boring and too young for a 42 year old, sorry.

SHOES/ Plain black dress and plain black shoes? Maybe a little more effort should be made for a red carpet event?

HAIR/  Very plain and boring.

MAKE UP/ The pink lipstick may be trying to be saving the outfit, however, it's more of a cry to be 23 years old again. 

#2 Heidi Klum

DRESS/  Heidi is beautiful, however, this dress ruins all the effort put into the hair and make up. It may be Atelier Versace dress, but it looks more like prom gone wrong for me.

SHOES/  Can't see them.

HAIR/  Heidi's hair is looking amazing like normal, this up do makes her look a little like a  giraffe along with the dress.

MAKE UP/ Beautiful make up, amazing bronzed glow.

#3 Paula Abdul

DRESS/ It's awful. I think she may have been trying to look like the Emmy statue. The gold shine just looks like a cheap material and the shape is just awful.

SHOES/  Can't see them, but even a pair of Jimmy's couldn't save this.

HAIR/  It appears she's gone for a bit of a 'messy' look, however, with such a messy dress, the look just doesn't work.

MAKE UP/ Lovely eyes, but a bit too heavy with the blusher?

#4 Nicole Kidnam

DRESS/  Nicole is wearing a Antonio Berardi dress which makes her look a bit like a mermaid. The shape is  flattering, but that amount of sparkle doesn't work for me.

SHOES/  Simple black strappy's, No no no no.

HAIR/  Hair is looking glossy and beautiful as normal, it's just a shame about that dress.

MAKE UP/ Very simple makeup, with a beautiful glow.

#5 Lena Dunham

DRESS/  When you're curvy, the shape of a dress is more important then ever, however, Lena has failed to work this Prada gown. It isn't flattering at all, and the print is really awful.

SHOES/  Dress appears too long to see them.

HAIR/  Personally, I don't feel this short pixie cut and so any styling won't change my mind.

MAKE UP/ The green eye shadow is a no no in my eyes. I see that there is suppose to be a link between the eyes and the dress, but it just looks like she's a 5 year old attempt to be a make up artist.


  1. I honestly just mistook Lena for Ashley Simpson..

  2. Very nice post! I like that pastel pink dress worn by Rose Byrne. Thank you for your comment and follow. I'm following you back. Let's keep in touch :)