L E T S/ D O/ N I G H T/ M A K E/ UP

Today's post is a tutorial of how I do my make up when I'm going out for the evening for a meal, or clubbing or to a special event. The first photograph is my finished look. If you like what you see, keep reading for a step by step how to guide. Hope you all like the post, remember to like, share and comment!

To do my base make up, which consists of foundation I use a Real Techniques Buffing Brush By Samantha Chapman. The foundation I am using at the moment is the Soap and Glory 'Show Good Face' in colour 'The Fairest of them All.' This foundation is really light and easy to apply, and the brush is a good send for applying foundation, I'm not quite sure what I did without it! I use the buffing brush to circle the product until it's even and has natural coverage.

Moving on, I do my eyebrows. To do my eyebrows I use the 'Detailer Brush' also by Real Techniques. The product I use is a eye shadow which I actually normally find better than any eyebrow product I've ever used. I follow the natural shape of my brow with the brush and just extend them slightly. The shadow that I use is a Bobbi Brown in colour 'Velvet Plum.' Next I apply the Soap and Glory bronzer into the indent of my cheeks using a EcoTools powder brush. I then blend it up round to my temple making sure the product is well blended. I then apply my Natural Collection 'Pink Cloud' blusher with the Real Techniques contour brush. The blusher should be applied to the cheek bone and blended well into the bronzer below. 

The base for the eyeshadow in a Vivo eyeshadow called 'Pale Gold.' I apply this colour all over the lid and up to the brow bone for a lovely shimmer base colour.

To give the eyes the smokey look which is normally desired for a night time look, I use a collection of products. First of all using the Bobbi Brown Cream Eye Shadow in 'Bark' I colour all over the lid and slightly above creating a cat like flick. I then use the Detailer Brush to blend towards the brow bone. I then apply the Vivo eyeshadow over again to give it a glamorous shimmer. I then use a Soap and Glory liquid liner called 'Supercat' to define the upper lid. I add a small flick following the shadow. I then apply Rimmel London Khol pencil to the water line of my eyes. The Bobbi Brown Cream Eye shadow is then used again along the bottom of the lower lid. I then use the Detailer brush yet again to blend downwards.

To finish off I use my Tesco's eyelash curlers and Maybelline Falsies mascara. For extra volume curl and then mascara. Then repeat over and over when lashes are dry. I then add a little Soap and Glory Lip Stick in 'Fuchsia- istic.' On top I then add a little Bobbi Brown gloss and TAH DAA! That's my finished look guys.

Hope you found the post helpful and fun, remember to like, comment and share. Lots of fashion love, Alice <3

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