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Hello everyone! Things have been mad at the moment, but I've decided that the best medicine is to keep busy with something you love, and for me it's blogging for all you amazing people. Today's post is just my favourite items from the high street at the moment. As always, the high street is offering some amazing products for such good prices and I can't wait to share my favourites with you. Be sure to let me know what you think of these pieces. Lots of love guys x

1. This collection is my favs from the current Topshop website. Number one item is this stunning Moth Tube Skirt for £28. The art work is amazing and I love a midi skirt! Buy this one by clicking right here.

2. These GoGo Block Heel Courts are a wardrobe must have in my opinion. I've picked the black as my favourite pair as black is the most versatile colour, and in my opinion, the classiest. These gorgeous shoes are £62 and you can buy them by clicking here.

3. If you read my blog you'll know there is nothing I love more than a baggy tee. And this one is a must have. I might just have to go and buy this one. It's got this amazing washed navy colour which gives it a vintage feel. You can buy the Linen Mix Stripe Tee at Topshop right here for just £20.

4. Summer may be nearly over, but I'm the kind of gal who wears them all year round. These amazing 90s Round Insert Glasses have a beautiful tortoise shell colour to die for and are only £16. Buy them here.

5. Sky blue is just a colour to die for. And on a sun dress? That's what I call perfect. Add a little lace, amazing. These Stappy Lace Tunic Dress is on my 'to buy' list. And it's right at the top believe me! For £32 only, we all know this will be snapped up quickly. Get your mits on it fast by clicking here.

6. Now, paisley is a acquired taste. And paisley in mustard is an even more acquired taste. But in my opinion this top is beautiful. I'd style it with a maxi skirt and a chunky gold necklace. Buy this Paisley Jaquard Tee from Topshop for £24 by clicking here.

7. Nothing much to say about this piece, except it's a classic statement piece which can be worn with sandals for the day, or put with some jewellery and heels for the night. Great quality for only £45. Buy it here.

8. This Angora Crop by Boutique from Topshop looks so soft and comfortable. I think a fluffy jumper like this is just so classy! I have a pink one from the Lana Del Ray collection from H&M which I can't get enough of. Because it's angora it's priced slightly higher at £68, but if you love it like I do click here to get it in your wardrobe!

9. A little accessory which I think looks adorable with stappy sandals and boots. I little bit different, but dare to do it! This cute socks with a lave trim are only £3.50. Click here to get them!

1. This collection is the amazing Urban Outfitters. Number one of this collection is this 'Little White Lies Donna Summer Printed Dress.' This dress is so sweet and vintage looking I love it. It is £85.00 which is a lot for a summer dress for me, however, I'm sure it'd be one you'd wear enough. Buy this stunning dress here.

2. One thing I love as much as fashion is supporting a good cause. And with the NYPD Oversized Tee for £30 you can show your respect for the Police Department of New York as it comes up to September the 11th. Buy this one here.

3. This Front Pocket Cross Body Bag is a ultimate accessory. A small and easy to carry bag with an amazing worn leather look. This one's £38.00 which I think is an amazing price! Buy this bag here.

4. Nothing I love more than a little gold jewellery. This sweet little necklace is only £10.00 and could be put with just about anything. Buy this lovely necklace by clicking right here.

5. Moving on from the neckalce is this adorable ring. Again, a little gold ring which is so sweet and delicate. If not this one, you all must have a ring like this! Buy this one for £6.00 here.

6. This little tie dye headband is only £5.00 but could easily be made yourself! A cute little added fashion statement to add to the summer festival look. Buy this one here.

7. My best friend has a little pair of shorts like this and I am forever stealing them! Because they're high waisted and so can be worn as the statement piece. Or on the other hand they could be worn with a baggy tee with the little lace poking out which is such a summer look. Buy these for Pins + Needles Daisy Lace Pin Up Shorts for £40.00 right here.

8. Now, this dress is very special. The neon art print is very big right now. I also love the square shape to this dress. I need this dress in my life, and if you do too, go get it here.

1. These pieces are my favourite from Miss Guided. Miss Guided has really shot up in fame recently and you can see why! Amazing pieces for some of the best prices! Number one piece is a simple white tight tee which looks amazing on this model. I might have to loose some weight to pull this one myself! This Siena Value Bardot Crop Top In White is only £4.49 and you can get it right here.

2. The second piece of this collection is due to the fast change we are having from summer to spring. Perfect accessory for those rather colder days! Buy this Jamee Ombre tights in Green are £3.99 and get your own by clicking right here.

3. I am in love with these trousers. They're made from a light silk and so must be so comfortable! And must say styled with those black strap sandals looks amazing. Buy these Ramuna Monochrome Square Print Trousers for £18.99 by clicking here.

4. Like the Miss Guided jewellery, a little gold is very chic. Buy this Akinna Open Spike Ring in Silver for £2.49 here.

5. This is the Doliata Laser Cut Envelope Bag in neon yellow. The colour is very bright but put with a simplistic black outfit could be super chic. Buy this clutch for £22.99 right here.

6. I need a dress like this. They look soooooooo comfy and super cute. This one is called the Dayla Oversized Swing dress in Purple for only £14.99 which I can't get over! Buy this one NOW here.

7. I predict that when you all look at these shoes you will go 'ohhhhmaaagosshhh.' These are amazing shoes. I need these and so do you. They're called Ala Suede Heeled Wedges in Cream for £35.99, again an amazing price and you can get them yourself by visiting here.

8. Summer may be nearly over but if you're planning a holiday soon or maybe we'll have a couple of sunny days coming up but this little play-suit is super cute and comfortable and so affordable at only £7.99. Get yours here.

That's all for today my amazing followers- stay tuned for more. And remember to like, share and comment.
Lots of fashion love,


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