A N/ A U G U S T/ H A U L

Good morning all! And what a lovely morning it is. I'm up early for me to blog for all you lovely people. This post is an August Haul of all the things I've bought in August. And I must say it's been a good month for gifts as it was my birthday on the 23rd. So I have lots of lovely stuff to show you! Lets get started, as always remember to like, comment and share if you like what you see. Lots of love, Al

The first item of the haul is this AMAZING Marc by Marc Jacobs watch which my wonderful boyfriend bought me for my birthday. You can buy this beauty at ASOS by clicking here. The watch comes in a popping pink colour, but I am in love with this cobalt blue colour and much prefer it.

This skirt is from River Island and was a sale item I found. I decided I needed to buy some more skirts/ shorts as I have tops etc coming out of my ears! I thought this skirt was really cute and so versatile. It can be put with shirts, baggy tees and  a lot more. And it was only £8 in the sale down from £15. And good news- they've still got some in stock. Get yours right here.

After multiple break outs I decided that face wipes were not for me. And so I moved on to cleansing milk and toner from Olay, both £1.99 each so not breaking the bank at all! But ever since I've been using these my skin has clearer up so much! This Vinchy Lab moisturiser was free with my Company subscription, but I'm sure you can find it on Superdrug or Boots' website. For the Olay products click here.

The next item on the haul is this very 'Great Gatsby' head tie. I love the vintage gold and black and white pattern and the tight bow. The piece can be worn in multiple ways as you can make the band thicker or thinner. Great accessory for only £6 from River Island. Get yours here.

My boyfriend's lovely Mum got me some Bobbi Brown make up for my birthday, including this amazing lip gloss. The gloss is so sheer and when put on adds such a glamorous finish to a look. Get yours for £17.00 right here.

She also got me this AMAZING cream eye shadow in colour 'Bark.' This product is so versatile and can be used on the lid, on the lash line, on the lower lash line etc. It's also so easy to blend hich makes it a very useful product to have in your make up bag. Get yours for £20.00 right here.

The third and final piece of the make up set from Bobbi Brown is this shimmer eye shadow in colour 'Velvet Plum.' Again, like the cream shadow stick, this product is so versatile. I even use this product on my brows sometimes as it's so well pigmented. Brilliant for contouring around the crease line of the lid! A must have in my opinion, thank you second Mum! Buy your for £17.00 by clicking here.

I recently went to London and went to the Urban Outfitters in Oxford Circus- and wow, amazing! I bought these cute little party socks for £8 which look so cute with my new boots (see below!) Get yours here.

Now, I've been looking for some Chelsea boots for a while now as my cheapies from Primark recently broke (cry) however, never going to complain about a reason to go shopping! I got these little black heeled ones from New Look for a very good £24.99. So comfy and I love love love the buckle detail- you'll be seeing these a lot on According to Alice! Get yours right here.

And that's it guys! Thanks for reading and stay in touch.
Lots of love




  1. Love that watch! so pretty x


  2. obsessed with the skirt! love the river island collection.
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  3. Seriously in need of those boots& socks! Great post!

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