Real Technique Brushes: The Core Collection

My younger sister, Beth who also happens to be an amazing beauty blogger on YouTube (find her here: told me I had to get the Real Techniques make up brushes. At first I was a little apprehensive, however she gave me her buffer brush to use for a few days, and I fell in love. A few days turned into a few months and then she insisted I get my own. So I did. This is the Core Collection which is for the main aspects of the face. I'm going to take you through the set and give you my review of each one. First of all, I am also in love with this package it comes in which also can be used and a holder and a stand (as shown in images below.)

The set comes with four brushes. The first image is the Contour Brush which "delicately applies highlighter to contour to create sheer, soft-focus finish." This brush, like them all is insanely soft. I love using this brush for bronzer and blusher. The second image is the Pointed Foundation Brush which should be used "with liquid foundation to build custom coverage." The brush does just this. It gives such a well rounded coverage all of the face and feels amazing as well as making the foundation sit really nice on the face. The third image shows the Buffing Brush which is "ideal for full coverage application of power and mineral foundation." I actually prefer using this brush to blend in my liquid foundation in, but it's all different for each person. The last image is of the Detailer Brush which is "precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long- lasting shape and definition." I used this brush to apply lipstick and gloss which I have never done in the past, however I found that it was a lot neater as well as lasting longer. 

All together I love these brushes and am very happy with them. Find them at Boots for £21


  1. I LOVE these brushes, I have this set too! and I also use the buffing brush for my liquid foundation haha!:) xxx

  2. I love these brushes so much! They are amazing :) xx

  3. I need to get me these brushes! everyone says how fab they are and I'm missing out! x

  4. I am yet to hear a negative review about these brushes. I might just have to invest. :) x

    1. you really should theyre affordable and super soft