How to do the current trends: By According to Alice.

Trend: The Colour Pop

The colour pop is always big in the summer, and the celebs have been supporting it all the way, looking stunning in they're bright neon colours. Here's a collection of my favourite colour pop pieces on the high street at the moment!

1. Water Melon Mini dress by Kuccia/ £38/ Topshop

This little number reminds me of a dress I had as a little girl. But it's so sweet and quirky. It's so good for summer and really in trend. Find it and buy it by clicking here. 

2. Gizmo Ankle Strap court shoes/ £48/ Topshop

I am in love with these little sandals and the amazing colour. They're perfect to put with a simple dress to jazz it up. Buy these here.

3. Sofia going out dress/ £110/ Whistles

I know I've blogged about this dress before but I am just in love with it. It's perfect for a ball and it's so different. I love the colour and the style is so flattering. Buy it right here.

4. Plate and ring skinny waist belt/ £12/ ASOS

Like the shoes I earlier spoke about, an accessory like this is perfect for jazzing up an outfit. This patent turquoise colour is stunning and so summery. Buy it by clicking here.

5. Leather and Faux pony zip top clutch bag/ £30/ ASOS

This has to be my favourite piece on this post. I am not a pink girl which you might have noticed from earlier posts, but I think this would look amazing with a black maxi dress. It's such an easy and elegant way to add that pop to you're day or night outfit. Buy this beauty here.

6. Bright Pink high shine disco pants/ £22.99/ New Look

Disco pants are everywhere at the moment. And these are defiantly out there. They have a lovely shine to them which makes them great for a night out- plus they're comfortable. Buy them here.

7. Fluro Lace Plastic Mac/ £45/ Topshop

Now I know it's summer, but over here in England that means nothing. Rain is still bound to come and so be prepared. This piece is also perfect for the festivals coming up! Buy this one here.

8. Quilted Oviod Bomber Jacket/ £68/ Topshop

This is such a beautiful colour and a great jacket to pop on when it's a little chilly. Buy it right here.

9. Neon Green arrow stud earrings/ £2.99/ New Look

These neon jewellery pieces are proving very popular at the moment and some of them I must say I am not sure about, however, these are going in my too-buy list. Buy them by clicking here.

10. NINA2 Heel Jelly Sandals/ £26/ Topshop

I am so so happy that jelly shoes are back and aren't these the most amazing colour. Pretty sure I had a pair this colour when I was a little girl. Visit Topshop to buy them or click here.

11. Lime Bow Bikini/ £18/ Topshop

Holidays are just around the corner so why not experiment with the colour pop with your swimsuits! Now this colour isn't for everyone, but if it is; go for it! Buy it here.

12. Fluro Mesh panel pencil skirt/ £25/ Topshop

I love the mesh detail at the bottom of this skirt. It's such a nice detail and twist to the classic pencil skirt. Buy it here.

13. Shannon dress by Jones and Jones in Yellow/ £60/ Topshop

This cute summer dress is similar to the one Lauren Conrad is wearing in the images above. If you're got a posh ball or some event coming up, this one is amazing! Buy it here.

14. Yellow flower hair band/ £20/ River Island

I've seen these everywhere recently, from Made in Chelsea to the She wears fashion blog. They're a great little accessory for this summer. Buy this one by clicking here.

15. Neon Yellow Peace Sign ring/ £2.99/ New Look

Peace signs and pop colour? Perfect combination for keeping up with the trends. Buy this cute ring here.

Trend: Double Prints

1. Daisy Shell Top/ £30/ Topshop

I think this is just the cutest top which would go with just about everything this summer. Buy it here.

2. Embroided flower skater skirt/ £35/ Topshop
Doubling prints is all about mixing floral with a harsher pattern, for example, number 5 on this little chart. Buy this cute skirt here.

3. Chevron floral placement t-shirt/ £32/ Oasis

This one is a bright summer top, but because it's from Oasis you know it'll be good quality and last a few summers, buy this one here.

4. Black tribal high waisted tie belt trousers/ £16.99/ New Look
These trousers are made of such a nice light material which is great for the heat this summer. I've focused a lot on tops and skirts when it comes to doubling prints, but you can do it with trousers as well. Buy it here.

5. Jumpo Monochrome Sleeveless striped shirt/ £18/ New Look
 I love striped monochrome with a soft floral print, so this is a must have for your wardrobe.Watch here.

6. Nena Top/ £20/ Ted Baker
This reminds me of a top Olivia Palermo was wearing in New York last week, which she actually styled with a floral skirt. Double prints all the way. Buy this one here.

7. Edelene Printed Maxi Skirt/ £75/ Ted Baker
This is one of my favouite Ted Baker pieces for this summer. It's such a lovely chiffon material and beautiful colour. Buy this one here.

8. Nerys tea party print jacket/ £189/ Ted Baker
If you want to go all out for doubling prints then add a jacket as well. And this one is perfect. Loving this item! Buy it here.

9. Solarised Safari Tee/ £36/ Topshop
This one has such a lovely print, buy it here.

10. Floral Mini skirt/ £35/ Boutique by Jaeger
This item is in the sale and so I suggest you all get a move on, as it's a summer wardrobe must have. Buy it right here.

11. Sriped flower t-shirt, multi blue/ £30/ Oasis
This one is really simple but can be put with lots of things. I think that this item would be amazing tucked in to number two. Buy it here.

12. Ethnic fabric skirt, black/ £29.99/ Mango
Tribal print is very in at the moment, and I love this little skirt. Buy it here.

13. Bonser checked shorts/ £45/ French Connection
As I said, not only skirts, shorts as well. Find these by clicking here.

Trend: Jumpers and skirts

1. Lime Textured skater skirt/ £18/ River Island
The skirt and jumper trend has always been one of my favourite and I always am sticking my skirts and jumpers together. This lime colour is a bit out there, but put with a simplistic jumper it would be so cute. Buy this one here.

2. Knitted fluffy crop jumper/ £34/ Topshop
This fluffy texture is such a lovely material, I have one similar from the Lana Del Rey collection at H&M. Put with say number eight makes a lovely comparison between soft and harsh. Buy this one here.

3. Knitted Quilted Sweater Jumper/ £38/ Topshop
Another cute neutral jumper to go with any of the selected skirts. Buy it here.

4. Coral Chambray Jacquard Skater Skirt/ £19.99/ New Look
This is such an elegant piece which is a bit more dressier than other skirts, but can be toned down with the right jumper. Buy this piece by clicking right here.

5. Knitted Fluffy crop jumper/ £34/ Topshop
This is the same as number two, I just think both colours are amazing!

6. Navy rib geometric pattern cropped jumper/ £25/ River Island
Another amazing and versatile jumper. Buy it here.

7. Quilted floral skirt by Boutique/ £75/ Topshop
I love this pattern on this little skirt. Buy this one here.

8. Monochrome Jacquard Grid Skirt/ £16.99/ New Look
I LOVE this one. And I will be buying it. Monochrome is so good and would look amazing with a fluffy jumper. Buy here.

9. Weekend knitted pencil skirt/ £90/ MaxMara
Very expensive but if you've got money for this amazing skirt, then go for it. Buy in by clicking here.

10. Influence Stone Honeycomb knit crop jumper/ £38/ New Look
Whilst doing this post I fell in love with this jumper so much I bought it hahah! Next day delivery. Buy it quick here.

11. Shelley Tuck Sweater, Neutral/ £95/ Whistles
Another pricey item, but it's such a lovely neutral colour which would go with so much. Buy this one here.


  1. great post:) loads of inspiration.x

  2. I love Olivia Palermo's style and the clashing prints! Reaally inspiring post! :)