Step- by step day make-up by According to Alice!

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I last blogged but look out for lots more coming! Today's blog post is more beauty orientated opposed to the normal fashion stuff. I've had some suggestions from followers to do a day make up tutorial and so here we are! Hope you enjoy and remember to follow and comment! 

 First of all, I am sorry for my mank face here with no- make up on. But it is important to make sure your skin is really clean and well moisturised before you start your make up ritual. 

To start off I apply my foundation using a real- techniques foundation brush. (All products and brushes will be shown at the end!) I circle all over the skin and use the brush to blend and make a flawless look all over the skin. I continue until I am completely happy with the overall colour and coverage.  

Next, I start with my eyebrows using a eyebrow brush. If I have some stray hairs I pluck them before hand to make sure my eyebrows are flawless. You can not make up your eyebrows if they are not tidy as it looks rough. 

To darken my eyebrows I use a thin brush and a brown eyeshadow. I find that pencil can appear too dark and so fake. I find that using a shadow creates a more natural effect. 

Next, I use a neutral pearl coloured eyeshadow all over the lid of the eye all the way up to the brow bone to create an all over base colour. 

 I then take a darker brown and blend it along the contour of my eye lid. When I am happy with this I take some liquid eyeliner and carefully draw a thin black line across the eyelash line with a small flick finishing in the corner. 

Next, I take a white eyeliner and run it lightly across the water line of the bottom of my eye. This makes your eyes look a lot wider and brighter.

After this I take a khol eyeliner and lightly sketch a thin line below the waterline to frame the eyes. 

Next I take my mascara and apply to bottom lashes first to stop from smudges appearing later when doing top eyelashes.

My funny face doing upper lashes!

Finally I add some bronzer all over my face and put some peachy pink blusher into the apples of my cheeks.

To finish off I add some lip salve to my lips and volia!

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