Beauty MUST HAVES this summer!

Summer is a time where we all need to be looking after out bodies and, most importantly, looking our best. Here, I have put together what I think are the top items which are needed for this summer. 

1. Carmex is an all-year-round must have but especially in the summer! Their's nothing sexier than plump healthy lips so slap it on girls! Carmex can be bought at most beauty stores such as Boots and Superdrug, however, I find the cheapest place is Primark where is it only £1.50

2. Nail colour this summer is important and you have to embrass the pastel colours! One of my favourites at the moment is this stunning sky blue Barry M nail polish. It's great quality and only £2.99

3. Instead of a heavy foundation for this summer, try a lighter option like this Bourjois mineral bronzing foundation. Plus with the built in bronze, your face will have a lovely glow. Available for £8.99

4. In the summer, you shouldn't be sitting indoors faffing over the way you look. Summer beauty is all about looking natural. This VO5 Give Me Texture spray is perfect to spritz into your hair and dry for wavy natural locks. Only £2.44

5. Get a lovely sun kissed cheek with this GOSH blusher for only £6.99

6. As I said before, summer beauty is about being natural, so when it comes to eyeshadow, you want to keep it bright. This is a lovely Maybelline 24hr eyeshadow in External Gold for only £4.99

7. Sun doesn't just dry out your skin, but your hair too. Re-boot it with this Dove Hair Treatment called 'Intense Mask' for £2.66 and your hair will stay looking healthy all summer. 

8. This one goes without saying. Everyone needs a body moisturiser and this one is amazing. It smells great and feels great. Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion for £5.65

9. If you can't live without your foundation, make sure it's a light one this summer. This Bourjois healthly mix foundation is light and lasts up to 16hr. £9.99

10. We can't all be tanned, so those who aren't, fake it. Just make sure you're using the right product. Out of all the fake tans I have used in my life, this Garnier Ambre Solar is the best of it's kind. It's a spray on, so you can get an even colour and not smudges. Great quality for £7.52

11. Add a little gloss with this cute Barry M lipgloss for £4.49

12. Last but not least, a waterproof mascara to protect you from sweating, swimming, crying or whatever. This one is brilliant! Maybelline Colossal Volume Rocket WaterProof Mascara £5.99


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  2. Some great ideas there, I really want to try out that Rocket Mascara, Ive hear it great!


  3. And now my wishlist for things to buy next time I go shopping has increased!! Uh oh! haha
    great blog :)

    Lucy xxx

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  7. Hi lovely,

    Tried the Vo5 give me texture but didn't really like it :p Not tried anything else from the list but would really love the rocket mascara.

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  8. Some of them are going to be on my wishlist, haha xx

  9. I love Carmex lip products! :)

    Kelly xo

  10. Love this post and these products! I'm a new blogger and have done my own little 'summer must haves' insprired by this post- you're credited in the title! Would be lovely if you could check out my post and see what you think!