Rihanna's Collection for River Island

Hello and good morning to all of you beautiful fashion bloggers! Here I've collected most of the pieces of the Rihanna collection for River Island and my thoughts about it all. So enjoy and if you like any pieces be sure to visit riverisland.co.uk

Here I have taken the 'basics' of the collection. Pieces which can be put with near enough anything and everything. All the pieces are neutral and so easy to match up with other items. I especially like the grey dress which is the bottom second image to the right. It is currently sold out online, but check stores etc. I really like the versatility of the piece. I also really like the long grey skirt which also comes in black. It's very simple but stylish at the same time and is perfect for the spring coming up. 

These are the more exciting pieces from the collection. I really like the black and white theme, as the trend is very big right now. Personally, I am not sure about the two yellow pieces. It might be because the colour is just not my thing. However, I think both the vest top and the dress would look really good on tanned skin. I am also not too sure about the varsity jacket. Personally, I feel the look is too popular and at £120 it's a lot of money on a jacket you could get for £20 in NewLook. However, I really love the long black dress with the turtle neck. The dress is a classic Rihanna look is classic and stylish.

Here's the demin section. Which I love. It screams Rihanna's style. I especially love the dungaree top which is also sadly sold out. But I'm sure it'll be back soon. Another great piece is the skirt with the denim shirt detail. To me, it is just a perfect summer festival item.

Here are the shoes and accessories. Both the shoes are GORGEOUS. However, I don't know how long I would cope in those heels! The bag and the hat are really nice, but not sure I could pull the hat off. However, if you could go for it. 

Thanks for reading guys.

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