My Jewellery Collection.

Hello everyone.
I've decided to do a little post on my most worn jewellery pieces to give you an idea of what I think is worth having in your draws. You'll notice that most of the pieces are gold. This is not done purposely, I guess I've just developed a love for gold jewellery!

Piece no. 1 is a classic peace sign necklace I've had for a while now which I got from Budapest. I used to wear this piece a lot, however, I found the peace sign got very over used so I didn't wear it much. But it's great as a casual necklace with a baggy t-shirt or jumper. I can't tell you where to get it as it was a market, but the peace sign is everywhere so try Topshop/ H&M/ New Look/ Urban Outfitters for a similar one.

This is another classic necklace which looks great with baggy sweatshirts as well as more formal shirts. The cross is an iconic fashion piece, and so I have mine in form of necklace, rings, earrings and braclets. Just make sure not to wear them all together! This piece is from Primark and was approx £2.

These earrings are my favourite long earrings I own. They're very neutral and there isn't much you can't wear them with. I really like the sculptural shape of them and the aztec print. These bad boys were from Topshop and were about £3.50 in the sale.

This is the first collar I ever bought. When collars became a massive trend, I wasn't too sure about them. However, I loved how this collar looked with shirts and the strong tribal theme it has. This one was also from Primark and was £4.

This ring was given to me at Christmas from my sister. It's a very loud and strong ring, but that's why I love it. However, wear with caution! This is from Primark and was £2.

This is my second cross inspired necklace. I really like how subtle the crosses are and the way they sit on the neck. This is from Primark and was £2.

This is my favourite necklace I own. I got it from a friend for mybirthday last year. It's from a collection in Topshop and means 'earth.' The pendant it so small and delicate and just sits perfectly with everything. Like I said this is from Topshop but no idea how much it was as it was a gift.

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