The Grammy's 2013.

Here we have the top 4 ladies of pop at the moment and as well as the songs they write and who they hook up with, there is one more thing they must get right; their red carpet dresses.

Rihanna is wearing a beautiful Azzadine Alaia gown. Matched with what I am guessing is some sort of wig (hair doesn't grow that quick- unfortunatly) and rouge lipstick. The singer has picked an ideal colour to match her personality and major sex appeal. I must say, it is nice to see her looking just pretty.

Now, Beyonce. You've just performed at the Super Bowl and are on tour again soon. Basically, everyone is talking about you. Statement gown I think? No. A jumpsuit. But you know what, the simplicity and understated message she is sending out is why we love her. This black and white jumpsuit by Osman and Queen B has teamed it up with Jimmy Choo shoes. Hair is swept back with red lipstick. Classy, simple and perfect.

Katy Perry, put them away. I'm joking, her boobs are looking brilliant, but the gown looks like she's about to go to her year 11 prom. This Gucci gown appears to be a love/ hate item across the press and I'm sorry, but for me it's a hate.

Taylor Swift is wearing a J Mendel dress and Jimmy Choo's. Normally pale skin and white clash and we end up witha  casper look a like, however, Taylor looks stunning in this gown. The silver sculpting on the dress is beautiful and Swift is left resembaling a elegant swan.

Thats my view, what's your?

Love A


  1. Jeg er ikke så vild med Katy Perrys kjole - synes ikke den gør noget godt for hende! Kan også godt ske, det bare er hendes kropsholdning.

    Rihanna derimod oser af sex! Hun er skøn.

    Jeg har en konkurrence kørende på min blog i samarbejde med footway, om et gavekort på 500 kr. til deres webshop! Kig forbi, hvis du har lyst :-)

    Knus Rikke!

  2. Katy Perry is soooo beautiful!!! Amazing dress! :)