Marc goes sixties.

 The lovely and very handsome Marc Jacobs has recently showed off his spring/summer 2013 collection off at London Fashion Week. If you look below, you'll see some sort of colour repetition. The black and white is a classic symbol of the 60's and it looks as if Marc is starting off the craze with this collection. Whilst Marc Jacobs has gone retro, he's brought some great twists with it including the bar-code t-shirt and the sliced skirt as well as the clashing of 60's patterns. To continue with the 60's theme, hair and make up did not fail in matching up. The models wore thick eyebrows and thick, defined lashes; reminding me a lot of the classic 'Twiggy' look. I personally love the collection but what do you guys think?


  1. ya I love the 60s trend, I did a makeup look with 60s inspired eye makeup, its classic and attention grabbing and just so pretty :) x

  2. we should follow each other :)