A little review from my make up bag...

I got this lovely present from my sister at Christmas time and love it. So much I thought I'd give you a sneak peak into what's inside in case any of you are looking for an eye set.

This set is called 'Big Beautiful Eyes...' And describes itself as 'An eye contour kit.'

The set contains four products. First of all, the concealer which is amazing. It's light and easy to apply but only for the eye area, you don't want to go wasting it on other blemishes on the face. The only downfall is that there isn't that much of it so be sparring!

Second we have the first eye shadow which is the 'base shadow.' This means that this colour needs to be applied all over the eye socket. The colour is a lovely neutral warm colour with a slight pink tint.

Next we have the second shadow for the eyes called 'contour shadow.' Which means this colour is designed to go across the socket line to create a contour. This colour has a more gold base to it and so blends well into the base shadow.

Finally is the liner shadow. Although the shadow looks dark, it is very light and so you can apply as much shadow liner as you want. I normally use a liquid liner to define my eyes, however I found this gave the same effect with a more natural outcome. The set comes with two brushes, one which is the help apply the shadow liner to the eyelash line.

If you've got this product or have any more questions please comment below,
but for now I'd give this a 7/10 on the According to Alice make up scale.


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  1. Really good post , the eye shadows look really nice would you be able to follow back :)
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