How Olivia Palermo does winter.

Hello everyone. Now, we all know how difficult it is to show our fashion forward selves when all we want to do is wear a massive coat and boots and just be done with it. Well my tip is looking at the tumblr of the very beautiful Olivia Palermo who does winter chic in a way no one else ever will. Here I've picked 3 of my favourite outfits of hers she has been wearing this season and gave you the sources to get the look for the cheaper price from the high street. So, let me know what you think and happy shopping.

Outfit number one is a classic winter trend: black. And in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with black. It's a brilliant colour. What Olivia Palermo has done here is mix a lot of different materials of black with some bold shoes. On is where I found this coat. It's called 'A Wear Collarless Faux Fur Jacket' and is online for £75.00. Okay, it's not identical to the one Miss Palermo is wearing, but it's so pretty and because it's black can be swung over anything and everything! The leopard print shoes are not my kind of thing, but seeing them on Olivia Palermo changes my opinion completely. I always associate leopard print chav, but she has completely classed them up. These ones I have found are from which is one of my favourite online shops. They are £18.00 and so hardly break the bank. To find them, search 'Nicole Leopard Print Slippers with gold insert' into The bag was very easy to find as they are everywhere at the moment. Whether it's big or small, they're all black leather. This 'Medium Flat Chain Bowling Bag' is from and is £35.00 which I think is amazing for Topshop! Get your mits on it quick guys.

Outfit number two is a lot more casual which I love seeing style icons wearing. Olivia Palermo looks very warm in this navy parka and black leather boots. For the high street equivalent, go to for amazing coats. This one is called 'Hearsdon Mac' and is £179.00. A lot of money, however, a coat like that never fails to go out of fashion or comfort! The boots I found on They are called 'Casper Knee High Boots' and are £45.00. Black boots are a must have for every girls wardrobe and these are lovely as well as good quality. Olivia Palermo is wearing very bright blue jeans here. Mine are a little less bold and are from They are called 'Blue Denim Molly Jeggings' and come in at £35.00.

The final outfit looking amazing, as do all of her outfits. Number one are the boots. And they are the same as the previous outfit. I did say they go with everything! Second of all with have the coat. The high street one I have found isn't exactly the same, but I just can't deny a cape coat! This one is from Dorothy Perkins and is called 'The Brown Belted Cape' at £35.00. And the last item but certainly not least are these BooHoo 'Carly Wet Look Leggings' at  £10.00.

And that's all you get for now, let me know what you think.
Lots of love
A x

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