H&M Nail Varnish is the way forward.

Hello there fellow bloggers. How are we all doing? New in my life you ask? Well, I am getting an Iphone this weekend which I am very excited about. Means more blogging and more tweeting! That might be a bad thing or good. So make sure you check both out. Just a little post to show a new nail varnish which is amazing. For really bright colours, H&M is the way forward. They are about £2.99 ago, so a bit more than I normally spend on nail varnish- but the colours are amazing. Let me know what you think guys. Lots of love x


  1. Oh I love H&M nail varnish, its so affordable and comes in some gorgeous colors. I've about 6 polishes by them :)

  2. If I ever want a new colour it's always where I go. Amazing colours x