Using curlers yoo.

Hello everyone. I am currently on my bed in my jammies with a full face of make up and very hairsprayed hair. Why? Because today is blog day. Number one is how to use £1 curlers from Primark. Here's how you do it guys. Leave comments please!

                                       First of all, wash your hair. This will let the curls take better.

 I have very thin hair and so I only have to separate my hair once. But do it as many times as you need too. If you have very thick hair you may need to purchase a couple of packets of curlers.

        This is just to dampen the hair. Spray all over.

You need to choose how many curls you want. I am separating this layer into two sections only because I want more curls on the top of the hair. 

Place the curler at the end of the strand of hair and simply curl it up to the scalp and attach with bobby pins.

Just a little sneak peek.

Continue this all over the head.

VO5 Weather Resistant hairspray- GET IT.

Spray is all over whilst the curlers are in.

Leave for 2 hours or overnight for really tight curls.

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