What's in your bag?

Welcome to my make-up bag. Which I nearly lost the other day. It was very traumatic. Here we go.

 EcoTools brush set // TKMaxx // £8 // These beauties are amazing; by far the best make up brushed I    have ever used. No molting and they are so soft. 

 Benefit Smokin' Eyes // Present // £28.50 // This is a 'must have' for me. Inside I have my highlighter, shadows, eyeliner, tweezers and blending brushes. Quite expensive but worth it.

 Liquid Eyeliner- Collection 200- £3.99 // White Eyeliner- Natural Collection- £2.99 // Benefit 'They're real!' mascara- Benefit - £18.50 // Mascara 'Pump it up' - Miss Sporty- £3.99
These are must haves for the eyes- I'll be doing a makeup tutorial soon so look out for that!

Ideal Finish Foundation- Nivea- £6.99 // Powder pure and natural- Nivea- £5.99
Cheap as chips and good for the skin.

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  1. I love these kind of posts. The products look great :)