How to dress for those Christmas parties.

Main reasons I love Christmas; presents, snow, romance, family and CLOTHES.
Christmas parties are famous for the girl panic of 'what do I wear?' and the designers trying to find the ultimate LBD for the season. Here's my ideas of what make up, hair, dresses and accessories you should look at and experiment with this Christmas.

 Here are my top 4 looks for this seasons parties. 
Starting from the top left; Christmas can be over run a lot with 'dark eyes' etc. And I'm not slating smokey eyes as they can look awesome. But sometimes it should be all about the lips. Here, for example. Dark lips are sexy and stylish and look great with bare eyes and a light layer of face make up. For most successful looks try dark purple, red, black, grey and brown. 

And now the top right; Experimentation is the best- especially with eye make up.This image here shows a dark smokey black shadow layered with a strong black glitter which goes from the eyebrow and under the eye. This look is brave and eye catching. And what's more Christmasy than glitter hey?

Bottom left; Try a light colour like white or silver around the eyes with a nude face for a snowy christmas face. It looks like snow has fallen on the eyelashes. Try diamonds and a little glitter for a more extreme look. 

Bottom right; Christmas favourite- smokey eyes. They've been hyped up over years and years- and there is a good reason. Thery're awesome. Look at this image for inspiration with the flick.

From top left; The bun. For information into how to achieve the perfect high bun look at older posts for my tutorial. The high bun has been around for a while now but has only recently been shown at it's full potential. Try it with a simple black dress with little detail for simplistic chic. 
Top right; Messy hair-yes! This is my forte people. Try regular backcombing before doing an updo for volume and that 'just got out of bed look.'
Bottom left; Swept back. Now, I can't do this because of my egg head. But I'm sure all you beauties can rock it. Look for a product which achieves the wet look to avoid a greasy look appearing.
Bottom right; Try simple. Straight hair in a low ponytail. The 'about to fall out' is great this season. Just make sure it actually isn't falling out!


Top left;  River Island Beaded Embellished Skater Dress   £120
Top right; ASOS Petite Exclusive sexy Pencil Dress with Collar   £38
Bottom left; Off Shoulder Midi Dress   £25
Bottom right;  Aqua Brill Asymmetric Cape Side Maxi Dress    £180

Guy, let me know if you wanna' know anything else and let me know what you think. Peace and love x

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