The way to do day.

Everyone is different, but here's how I do my day make up.
1) To start, get some good quality face wipes and clean your face all over including corners of the nose, eyes, chin and any spot prone areas. Then apply a light day moisturiser to keep your skin dewwy.
2) Take your foundation and apply all over the face making sure it is blended well. Nivea- Ideal Finish used in pictures.
3) Take a good quality face brush and apply face powder all over and again remember to blend it. The reason I do my powder now is because if applied over eye make up, it covers it, loosing the definition. Nivea Pure and Natural powder and EcoTools face brush used in images.

1) A must have for eye make up is this Benefit smokey eyes set which comes with highlighter, shadow and darkner. To start with I apply the highlighter (bottom right) all over the lid and brow bone of the eye so the powder sticks to the skin better.
2) Next I take the pink/white powder (top left) and use a eye brush to spread the colour evenly over the lid area, working it slightly up to the brow bone but not all the way.
3) I then take the charcol grey (middle top) and use my hand to pull my eye to one side. This was you can blend easier. Blend the grey into the crease line as well as the darkest colour afterwards to add definition (top right)


1) I use liquid eyeliner everyday as I like the 'cat-eye' look it makes. With liquid eyeliner, you need two things= practice and a good pen. Here I have a very cheap but very good pen liquid eyeliner which does me wonders (from Collection 2000)
2) To do my liquid eyeliner, I pull my eye taught and follow the natural line of the lashes, and then continue past the eye for a centimeter or two to create my flick.
3) I then use the same liner to draw a thin line below my bottom eyelashes and smudge.
4) The best mascara I have ever used- Benefit 'They're Real!' Pricey but worth it. I always do my bottom eyelashes first to stop smudges and simply use the brush and the tip to blacken them. I then do the tops using a pulsing and curling technique.

1) Screw blusher- use lipstick and blend
2) Add lipgloss and TAHHDAHHH.Hope you liked it :)


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