The baggy tee.

The baggy tee is and will always be an essential item in any womens wardrobe. We've seen it grow from tight to loose, short arms to no arms but we always will love it. For me, the baggy tee is the ultimate 'go to' item when I am fretting about what to wear. Here are some of our favourite girls showing us how to do it best.

Fearne Cotton. The legend. Here she shows how to rock the black baggy tee by matching it up with a baggy skirt. Two baggy items- risky but she rocks it.

Here is the white tee which Miss Olsen has styled up with a black blazer for extreme style and class. Perfect for an office day, or a dinner date out. Or even style with some wet-look leggings and heels for a night out. Bring casual to the evening!

THE BAND TEE. Will never fail you. I was lucky enough to be able to steal all my boyfriends Led Zeplin and Guns n Roses tops which of course are baggy. Styled up with a leather jacket and some killer grunge boots and you've got rocker chic! Turn to Miss Cotton or Miss Olsen here for inspiration.

A twist on the original- a T-shirt dress. 
I love these bad boys and especially love seeing Fearne rock it.
Let's look for our own shall we?

                             Go for these v-necks like Mary Kate Olsen from H&M for only £5.99

Or a round neck for same price from H&M

Here are some A-lister models rocking the band tee. Just pick a band and visit their website for a rocking look.

THE T-SHIRT dress is available all over on 'day dresses' and Feanre Cotton has got some great ones here. Both £37 from


  1. I do love a baggy tee, spesh with leggings and converse! x