The 4 things fashion needs.

We all have those days when we wake up, like me, for example this morning. I had a white tee, a skater skirt and a chanel inspired jacket hanging on my wardrobe. And as I looked outside and saw the rain (yet again) I thought. This will just not do. The parka it is. With leggings and a white tee. However, I needed a few things which made me look more fashion forward. And it got me thinking... there are somethings that people do, wear etc that instantly make them look more fashionable. And so here's a post on it. The 5 ways to look fashionable. Even on those days you feel like crap.

1) The lipstick
Adding a lip colour instantly makes you look like you've put more effort in than you actually have. For winter, I would go for dark red, and if you're daring enough- maybe a dark purple. Whatever it is, own it. Just like these beauties here.

2) The Bun
The high bun is now iconic on the streets and down the catwalks. I did a tutorial earlier this week, check that out for tips. But here's what you're looking for.

3) The Accessories
Ah, the classic. Accessories. It is a fact that if you stick on some rings, a belt, maybe a long necklace, you've finished an outfit. Here I have a few that are trending.

The Moschino belt. I have only dreamed about one day owning one of these. But patients is a virtue. Anyway, after the realese of this lovely Moschino belt here, it seems the high street has been attempting to make their own. So if you don't feel like spending £210 on a belt, have a look at these. Or try this page for some fakes at only £17.99

The Nails
Not to sound too stuck up, but I can't stand leaving the house with no nailvarnish on. I can't remember the last time my nails were bare. But it's good (prob not for your nails) but for the fashion. And that's what this blog is about. Here are some styles and colours I'm digging. At the mo it'sdark colours.


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