La bun bun.

An instant way to create a stylish and classy look in 5 minutes is the classic high bun. We first saw it on the catwalks and now it'smoved to the celebs and now to street fashion. Here's my little tutorial on how to master it.

For this look you need 4 essential things. (Excuse me looking like a miserable bitch) Number 1- You need a comb. This one has two types of combs which is very helpful but all you need is a comb you can use easily as well as backcome. Number 2- You need a hair bobble. Number 3- A bun maker. You can get these in different sizes. It is important you get the right size according to the length of your hair. I have short hair and so went for a small one. These can be found at New Look, Primark etc. Number 4- Some hairspray. V05 is my choice which is a star.

1) To begin with, brush all your hair through using a comb.

2) Tilt your head back and begin to backcome the top of the hair for volume.

3) Also do the sides as well as underneath.
4) Your hair should look somewhat like this. The aim of the backcoming is to create volume in the scalp for the bun.

5) Simply use your hair bobble to tie your hair up at the point where you want the bun. The higher, the better.

6) Place the bun maker around the pony tail and massage the roots of your hair to loosen the bun.

7) Use your comb to create a hole in your hair.

8) Then use your comb to backcomb the hair in the tail, but be careful not to get rid of the hole.

9) You then take a piece of hair at a time and curl it around the bun maker. Then tuck it under the hole in the bun maker. Repeat this all the way around until the hair is covering all of the bun maker.

10) This is what it should look like at this point.

11) To keep mine less tight I like to take out some hairs on the side and underneath to create a natural look.

12) When you're happy hairspray it all over.

13) Then massage your roots to volumise the hair.

Thank-you x


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