Key items of According to Alice.

Hello fellow bloggers! Sorry I have been gone for a while but I have recently turned 18 and been busy celebrating. But you know what a birthday means? Presents. So some of these will make an apperance in this post which includes my KEY PIECES which my wardrobe could not survive without. In this post I will also show you how you can mix and match etcall these items. Up first is this beautiful long-chained necklace from Topshop at (I don't know how much as it was a present) but it is part of the 'Wind, Earth, Water, Fire' collection. This symbol shows Earth. A long-chained necklace is something I feel every girl should have, I mean, what do they not go with hey?

This item here is another birthday present from my lovely friend. It is from the new range at Topshop, and again, I am sorry but don't know how much this is either, but if you are really jealous of the scarf hit up the Topshop website.

Volia! (I think that's how you spell it) Here are these two items but into an outfit, or half of one. But you could team it up with jeans, or a skirt or anything really. This white t-shirt is from H&M and was £5.99 and it is just amazing, a must have girls.

Here is just another example of how versitile these outfits can be, with this I have simply changed the scarf. This scarf is a 'tweed-looking' winter scarf from Matalan (posh, I know!) and was £12. Perfect from autumn/winter time.

Moving on from just the simple T, here is an outfit I put together from a new pair of shorts I bought. I know they are very summery, but whislt the weather is so unpredictable they're perfect. The shorts are from H&M and were £8 in the SALE so could all be gone now.

I have teamed these shorts up with a brown leather belt. ANOTHER thing I believe all girls should have. This belt is also from H&M and was £6.99. It is a waist belt and to be honest, the belt I have had. It has a beautiful gold buckle as well as a dark brown set of plaits which fold round the figure. Great quality and so cheap!

The top is an old purchase from New Look for £7.99. I wanted to create a more high end look and so I mixed the two florals together. Sometimes this can be too much but because the colour links I think the transition is very subtle.

This image above shows the same
outfit, but with different shorts. These
shorts are from Topshop and were £7 in
the SALE wooo.

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