Question time.

I have been asked by a fellow blogger who also happens to be my beautiful cousin to join a blogging trend which has started. I am suppose to post 11 things about myself as well as answer the questions 'Pretty little peggy' has set me. SO here we go.

11 Facts about me.

I drink coke all the time, but not diet, full fat all the way.
I go through stages of being ridiculously messy, and then ridiculously organised.
I can't wear red with pink, it upsets me too much.
I plan my outfits, even if the event is in three months time.
If I am walking with a magazine in my hand, I choose the side I like the most and face that towards the front.
I cannot save money.
I get really upset if my toe nails don't match my fingers.
I can't remember the last time my hair didn't look like a mullet.
I can recite the entire film The Devil wears Prada.
In my head, when I sing I sound like Beyonce.
I live for clothes.

Questions set by  'Pretty little peggy'

My questions for my bloggers 

1. What hair product could you not live without?
Tresemme heat protector
2. Straight or Curled hair?
3.If you could only shop at one clothes store for the rest of your life what one would it be?
Zara4. Heels or flats?
Heels!5. Prefer nights in or nights out?
Nights in, with a movie and chinese food.6.What was the last movie you saw?
The devil wears prada7. What is your gavourite restaurant?
Jamie's Italian8.What is your current favourite song?
Foo Fighters Is someone getting the best 9. Which celebrities style do you wish you could steal?
Fearne Cotton10. What is your favourite make up brand?
Benifit11. What is your favourire magazine?

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  1. So much respect for question number 4. Hands down Zara everytime.