How to get the look of the coolest people ever.

Who wouldn't want to be this beautiful fashion icon? She's the queen of grunge chic and here is how to get her look in this image of her walking streets of LA.
Oh MK.
In my opinion, every girl needs one of these. It's the iconic checked shirt normally worn in a baggy way for the 'boyfriend' look. My favourite are ones bought in charity shops as you can get the flannel material and that they are more realistic. I take my boyfriends personally, but whereever, get one- or steal one in my case. This shirt above is from TOPSHOP and is £29. Not a bad price at all (espeically for topshop.)

Now, Mary Kate Olsen's bag here is the unique Chanel 'sack' bag shown below. Now, in my opinion, it's not one of Chanel's best bags, however, Miss Olsen does rock this. Instead of paying £1,500 for this cheeky bag, you could always try this Topshop version for £85.

CHANEL 'Cocoon bag'
Topshop, £85

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  1. this is a great look :) love the topshop bag