Pay day is a good day.

Hello everyone! Sooooo, Alice got paid on friday and so I decided to save some money and not shop. I am of course joking, I went out and bought a lot. too much. But I like to think of them as 'essentials.' The weather has been amazing at the moment and I love it as I get to get all my summer clothes out. And buy some more, yay! Here are some pictures of what I bought and other photos of me wearing them will be up as well, let me know what you think.
Alice -oxox

This lovely little beach dress I bought from Monsoon for my uniform and for these lovely holidays! The dress is £65 and is literally the most comfy thing ever. It's not that short on me as I am not blessed with a lot of height.

This is 'panel peplum shell top' from topshop and was £24, bargin for something that can be worn casually and more formal as well. However, I have to be extremley careful with any sauce!

These are perfect for the top. They are from New Look and were £19. Fingers crossed they won't rub!

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  1. oh, the peplum top is so pretty! :)

    <3, Mimi
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