So the baftas was on the other night. And to be very honest, all I really cared about was what everyone was wearing. So let's see who dressed to impress, who over-did it, and who didn't make enough effort.

I love Fearne Cotton, I am always listening to her Radio 1 show and looking at what she's wearing on the streets. Found this the other day for anyone wanting some 'fearne cotton' inspired fashion tips - Shows her work outfits, and I must say she looks amazing in all of them.

This is the dress which Fearne Cotton wore to the BAFTAS 2012. She is wearing a vintage dress from the 70's. The shape is very simplistic, however, the colour creates enough excitement for the outfit. SHe's also styling a very old fashion hair style which adds to the image of 'vintage-chic.' She has also spiced it up with red lipstick. What do you guys think?

According to Alice.
I normally love most of the things Fearne Cotton wears, and she does look amazing here. However, I think she could've found a better gown. Yes, it's vintage and so adds a lot of variety which I really admire her for, however, I think the gold doesn't suit her skin tone very well, as it wouldn't mine. Love the red lips, really good idea! However, I would have matched my shoes and purse to that red to bring the entire thing together. What do you guys think?


Holly has been presenting The Voice, and I have to say, I am not a fan of most of the things she's been wearing. For the BAFTAS 2012 she chose a pink Jenny Packman dress and styled it with very natural hair and make up and some jewels. What'd you think?

According to Alice.

Well, there is no doubt that Holly is a very beautiful woman, however, to me, this dress is very prom-like. I think it is a safe choice and just not exciting. I was hoping for a black bustier dress. Anyone else?


Alex Jones is a very 'under-the-radar' celebrity, but she has such a lovely personality. Normally we see her dress is very simplistic things, however, for this years BAFTAS, she has really gone all out with this yellow Ariella Couture dress. 

According to Alice

I love love love this. Loads. I think the colour is beautiful on her, as well as fitting very well with the weather at the moment. The colour is bright so she's gone for a simple shape which keeps the outfit very much levelled out. Well done Alex.


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