'Always take off the last accessory you put on.'

So, as promised bloggers, I have some lovely photographs here of my new purchases, let me know what you think. Love you all.
First of all, this my new nose piercing. Wanted it for sooooo long and finally got it done. Looks great and didn't hurt at all. Really was a win win situation. Let me know what you think.

This shirt is from a vintage shop in the depths of Birmingham which I bought whilst visiting my sister at university. It was £11 pounds and I am chuffed with it. Possible things to wear it with; jeans and pumps, skater skirt, high waisted shorts.

New nail varnish as ever. Coral from max factor. Love love love. And my many rings. Far left- accessorize Middle- Pia from BOYFRIEND Far right- Ireland shop.

My very very very pretty dress from Monsoon, £65. And I get to wear it for my uniform so I walk round looking feeling like a princess all day! It's also very comfy and an essential for this summer. Girls, if you don't have your iconic maxi dress yet, get shopping. Now.

Topshop top, £24. I am in love with this shape at the moment and advise everyone to get one! I really love the white at the moment as it is so simplistic and summery at the same time. I styled this top with a new belt from H&M for £7 which has a double plait around it and a gold buckle. Yummmmy clothes!

Another thing I can't take off, especially when revising, my lovely boyfriends Carhartt t-shirt. Mmmmm boys clothes are so comfy! Hoping he won't ask for it back.

That's all for now guys, let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
Have a happy day, Al


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