Busy busy busy.

I know what you're thinking, where have I been? I am very sorry but english coursework decided to ruin my life, but as of today it is finished, referenced and proof read. Oh yes. So here are some bits and bobs I have been snapping away at inbetween college. Hope you enjoy guys.

I definatly did not spend time on coursework baking these amazing cakes with my boyfriend.

I certainly did not spend that time out in the snow like a 4 year old.


I did re-do my wall for the 5th time already this year. And it is already different.


I did make sure my lips where nice and moisturised. I did not loose half of the set within the first day.

I did not put glitter on my nails to find that it just fell off. And then did it again anyway. And then again.

I did not spend my time looking after my tamagotchi even though every night it died.

That's it. I promise there will be more posting soon.
Peace out mofos.

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