I [miss] summer like Rachel Bilson.

Rachel Bilson, she sure knows how to dress herself. Here she is styling a very relaxed but chic look for spring/winter. And here's how to get it, on the high street.

 This may not be a real copy of the bag Bilson is wearing, but just look at how beautiful they both are. I don't know which colour I prefer, but it doesn't matter because I wouldn't be able to afford it. TOPSHOP
 The classic 'jack-ups.' So stylish all year round, but your ankles may be a little bit chilly in this English winter. TOPSHOP

Now, this scarf is beautiful, but also very practical for this weather. I love the neutral colour and the bird detail. TOPSHOP
 Again, these may not look like Bilson's, but I just couldn't leave them out. And on a positive note, these look a lot more comfortable and a lot more weather concious. ASOS

Classic parka, you beautiful thing. I couldn't care less if everyone has them, it's because they are beautiful. NEW LOOK

That's all for now, peace.

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