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Oh hello everyone. Apologies I haven't been around, for a REALLY long time. But coursework hates me and I never realised how stressful and confusing applying for university can be. Well, is. But do not worry my fellow bloggers, I am about ready to send it all off! I feel so grown up. Anyway, what's changed since I've been away? Well, my wardrobe ahs changed a lot. Mainly because I am a compulsive shopper but also because it is not lovely summer anymore and winter is upon us. However, you know what that means? Yes, time to buy a new coat. And I have chosen the best. Ever. And I plan to live in it until February. Pictures of this beautiful creation will be up soon. You lucky things. Well I have things to do, people to see. Well not really, I have I'm a celebrity to watch and my dinner to eat. Such a glamourous life I lead.

A x

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