What are you going to wear?

The only thing I love more than internet shopping is the day it all arrives. Here are some of my latest purchases along with so other stuff about fashion.

Totally excited for reading festival, already buying my wardrobe.
T-shirt   New Look

                  Finally I have purchased a playsuit. Went for classic back and teamed it up with a plaited brown belt and my kez's necklace.

Playsuit, New Look
Belt, Primark
Necklace, stolen from kez


            Barry M nail varnish. Retro bright purple.

 I like my beads, mixture here. (from left to right)
Pearl braclet, topshop  
Bag braclet, Boutique
Ice cream coloured beaded braclet
Colourful beaded braclet, stolen from sister
Vintage braclet, Portugal
MY NEW RING, vintage from my nan

 This is my sister's vintage bag, stolen by me A LOT. Real leather, and goes with everything.

So, my hair was so dry it was silly, so I had an inch off the end, let me know what you think.


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  1. 1.) I'm glad your kiddies clothes fit
    2.) gimmie my necklace skank whore.